Connect to the regional grid

The regional power grid interconnects both to the national grid (Svk), and the local sub grid networks. The regional power grid is where electrical production plant´s and major consumption facilities, heavy industries are connected. The actual voltage a company will be connected to is determined by the electrical grid companies such as Vattenfall Distribution Sweden.

To be connected, please contact your local grid company in your local area and follow their directives up on if a Regional grid connection or Local grid connection is needed.
They will guide you through the connection process.


The connection process

Go through the steps below to get a quick overview of the connection process. You can also download a more detailed version.

Download the more detailed version (0.5MB)

The Connection process “step by step” as follows

  1. Request for new or extended connection!

    You begin the connection process by sending in a request to Vattenfall Eldistribution for a new or extended connection. You can apply by using our form or by contacting your Vattenfall contact person. Within ten working days after you have sent in your request, we will inform you of your connection possibility.

  2. Sign a provision contract

    If you wish to proceed with your application after receiving notification of the technical connection possibility, your next step is to sign a reserve contract with us.

    The fee for the reserve contract is SEK 50,000 + SEK 1/kW for the output you are applying for.

    After paying the fee, you are allocated a place in our queue system, and you have reserved the stated output at the stated connection point in Vattenfall Eldistribution's regional network. The reservation site is project-specific.

  3. An estimated of timing and pricing will be provided

    We conduct an investigation, and when it is completed we supply you with advance notification of estimated timing and pricing for the connection.

    If measures in the overhead transmission grid are required, the schedule cannot be supplied before the components governed by transmission grid measures have been scheduled by Svenska Kraftnät.

  4. Sign a project agreement

    If you wish to proceed with your application after receiving the advance notification, you must sign a project agreement with us. We then plan the necessary measures and apply for the permits required.

    Depending on possible requirements for the line concession and any measures that may be required in the overhead transmission grid, this stage of the process may take from one to four years.

  5. Sign a connection agreement

    When the measures in the network are complete, you should sign a Network Agreement with us  prior to connection. The Network Agreement follows Vattenfall Eldistribution AB’s Application Provisions for connection and transmission on Vattenfall’s regional network.

    Prior to connection, you should also sign a Facilities Agreement with Vattenfall Eldistribution AB. The agreement governs the obligations of the parties following connection. 

    In conjunction with changes during the process to the location of the point of connection or the desired power at the connection, Vattenfall Eldistribution AB reserves the right, where necessary, to require an entirely new inquiry. In such context, the entire process starts over.

  6. Sign a grid and plant agreement

    When the measures in the grid are completed, and before connection, you must sign a grid agreement with us. The grid agreement follows Vattenfall Eldistribution AB's applicability provisions for connection and transmission in Vattenfall's regional network.

    You must also sign a plant agreement with us at Vattenfall Eldistribution. This agreement regulates the parties' obligations after connection.

  7. Sign an agreement of changes

    In the event of changes during the process concerning the location of the connection point or the desired output in the connection, Vattenfall Eldistribution AB reserves the right, if necessary, to ask you to submit a completely new request. If a new request is required, the process starts again, from the beginning.

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